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In today’s globalised and digital world where disruption is the new normal, all organisations, large and small, need to be innovating their products and services to stay ahead of the curve, and remain competitive and profitable.

Don’t just take our word for it

The World Economic Forum 2016 Jobs Report identified creativity, critical thinking and complex problem solving to be the top three skills needed in business by 2020.

Building on 15 years of experience, CDI Creative, a Level 1 B-BBEE company, offers a menu of unique learning experiences that unlock the inherent value of the essential components for innovation – people and process.



At whatever level, CDI Creative’s unique focus on people and process delivers powerful results that creates the fertile ground for new ideas, better solutions, breakthrough products and services, and greater efficiency.

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IMAGINE – exposes individuals to their creative potential; learning skills and techniques that encourage creative thinking, appreciating the creative process and experiencing how it leads to innovation.

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COLLABORATE – workplace teams experience each other’s creative strengths in an unpressurised and fun environment and learn how to leverage off each other’s strengths and abilities. They become more open to new ideas, and learn to take initiative and motivate each other.

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GENERATE – introduces the Design Thinking process for tackling a business challenge; participants experience the process, learn tools to ask the right questions; and brainstorm innovative solutions and explore strategies for implementation. Outcomes are tools that can be used in the workplace to better understand business challenges and find innovative solutions.

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BREW – develops and embeds a process of Design Thinking to unlock innovations and explore workable solutions to an existing real world business challenge or new product /service opportunity.

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CREATIVE HR – You will be taken through a series of activities that will stimulate your creative thinking to transform your HRM mindset and adopt a strategic way of working. By understanding how HRM has evolved in South Africa and what the future of HRM looks like, participants will be able to plot out the necessary changes they need to make within their organisation. Each participant will walk away with a strategic HRM plan that considers long-term needs.

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CREATIVE WITH CONFLICT - This workshop shows managers and team leaders and individuals how to adopt a creative, experiential and conflict resolution mindset in the workplace to maximise productive working relationships.

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Our offering of unique learning experiences is fully customisable to your specific organisational needs, and can be utilised to address particular business challenges or team goals. It can also be applied to businesses in your Supply Chain.


CDI Creative also offers a coaching component designed to support employee implementation of new learnings. We know how difficult it can be to implement new concepts into the workplace and this extended model supports learning being put into place in practice.

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CCDI track record


Last year CCDI facilitated 115 training activities that unlock competitiveness and growth for businesses. Over 2252 businesses were supported. Our clients have included provincial health services; Mazars; the Western Cape Government’s Better Living Challenge which supports innovation in the low-cost housing sector; A+ Africa which enhances creativity in early childhood development; the Department of Trade and Industry; Hosken Consolidated Investments; the Department of Economic Development and Tourism; and the Department of Arts and Culture. CCDI is the driver of the Western Cape Design Strategy for the Provincial Government of the Western Cape, which unlocks innovation throughout the province.

Some examples of workshops we’ve run recently

Facilitated a brand identity process for an internal IT infrastructure department of a major corporate.

Helped an internal facilities and services team at a major corporate redefine and understand their roles in line with the BBBEE Codes.

Helped a HR department develop a plan for fostering a creative mindset amongst the business employees.

Helped a HR department align the HR process to the business strategy – becoming a strategic partner in the business.

We assisted a management team integrate the BBBEE codes into their organisational values and statement of intent.

Developed a project team’s creative confidence and problem solving skills.

Developed a common language for a high level multidisciplinary team to engage in a collaborative problem-solving process.

Developed creative conflict resolution skills in a senior management team.


“The workshop showed me how various elements impact our creative process, and if we can be aware of this we should be more successful applying creativity to our daily work. The listening and thinking activity was great, along with all of the other activities. These activities really got me reflecting and thinking. The presenters was good and always helpful.”

– Joe Africa, Communicare

“Most importantly, the workshop made me rethink the whole notion of creativity; that it’s not just about being able to draw or match the right colour patterns, but it’s also about channelling a new perspective into the way you think and do things. In essence, creativity is a useful tool to help me work more efficiently.”

– Khaniyselo Kumalo, GreenCape

“I had always felt that creativity was for the select few; I hadn’t realised that creativity took work and focus. I also hadn’t known how effective creative problem solving processes could be. In the space of, what, an hour, we developed some concrete plans using random words – that is incredible! If we had tried to do it on our own – doing ‘regular’ thinking – it would not have been as effective.”

– Salome Bronkhost, GreenCape

“I loved the group energy and the creativeness and team work. I really enjoyed the challenges and stepping out of my comfort zone.”

– Karin De Wet, Building Energy


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